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Hello sweet friend, I'm Cassandra Speer.  

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I’m the best-selling co author of Her True Worth: Breaking Free from a Culture of Selfies, Side Hustles, and People Pleasing to Embrace Your True Identity in Christ, vice president at Her True Worth, founder of the Hard & Holy shop, a proud wife of a veteran and mother to 3. I create stories, resources, and inspirational apparel to remind you that peace and joy are possible, despite the hard. This hard work we’ve been called to is holy work friend. Whether it’s picking up cheerios up off the floor or trying to build a career or both... it’s all sanctification, it’s all for His glory, and there's a rainbow for your story. My prayer is that you’ll allow me to come alongside you and encourage you with the Word so you can fight the good fight, allow His glory to come to fruition, and together champion other women to do the same.  You in?

When I'm not designing new products for the Hard & Holy shop or writing books, you can find me loving on all 3 of my babies and  growing and serving The Her True Worth community. I still wake up pinching myself that I get to write for and serve over a million amazing women who are eager to explore the depths of God love for them and help them find their true identity and true worth in Jesus Christ all while being able to serve my sweet family simultaneously. #wontHedoit 

Hello sweet friend, I'm Cassandra Speer.  


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Come behind the scenes with me, get monthly encouragement, and let me help you grow in your walk with God. 

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